Easter 2022

40 abbottcollection.com Shop thousands of products online. Canadian Showroom & Head Office 545 Trethewey Drive, Toronto, Ontario Tel: 416.789.7663 • Toll Free: 1.800.263.2955 Email: gifts@abbottcollection.com abbottgiftware *prices are subject to change* 27-DUTCH-250 Sale C0350-U0350 EA Min 6 5"L 96/C Small Sitting Rabbit. Black/White. Polyester Felt /St yro. 27-DUTCH-232 Sale: C02000-U02250 EA Min 2 16"L 4/C Large Crouching Rabbit. Black/White. Polyester Felt/Styro. 27-DUTCH-204 Sale: C0750-U01000 EA Min 2 10"L 16/C Medium Sitting Rabbit. Black/White. Polyester Felt/Styro. 27-DUTCH-230 Sale: C02000-U02250 EA Min 2 22"H 6/C Large Standing Rabbit. Black/White. Polyester Felt/Styro. 92-WEAVE-897 C0700-U0750 EA Min 4 4.5"L 72/C Small Woven Crouc hing Rabbit. Black. Metal. 92-WEAVE-896 C0800-U0850 EA Min 4 5"L 72/C Medium Woven Cro uching Rabbit. Black. Metal. 27-IRONAGE-163 C0250-U0300 EA Min 12 2"H 96/C Mini Sitting Bunny. 2 Assorted. Assorted. Cast Iron. 27-COSETTE-BLU C0850-U01000 EA Min 4 7"H Ø: 2x3.5" 48/C Cone Wall Vase. Ivory/Blue. Stoneware. 2 7-COSETTE-GRY C 0850-U01000 EA M in 4 7"H Ø: 2x3.5" 48/C C one Wall Vase. Iv ory/Grey. Stoneware. 27-COSETTE-YLW C0850-U01000 EA Min 4 7"H Ø: 2x3.5" 48/C Cone Wall Vase. I vory/Yellow. Stoneware.